Baptism & Communion

In the United Methodist Church, like most protestant traditions, we have two sacraments: baptism and communion. Our practice of these sacraments follows the teaching and tradition of our discipline. We have a short explanation down below and you can also find more information about the United Methodist Church’s beliefs and practice of these sacraments here:

We understand that baptism is a recognition of God’s grace working in those to be baptized and a vow of their community, both family, and the congregation to continue to foster a meaningful relationship in Christian fellowship and teaching. Pastors offer a short meeting to parents, guardians and adults seeking to be baptized. Reach out to Lisa at [email protected] for more information.

We celebrate communion typically once a month on the first Sunday. The table is set for all, and there are no membership requirements to partake. We believe that Christ is present in the meal and communion is one of God’s means of grace for us. We use gluten free bread, and grape juice. On Sundays, pastors explain the logistics after the communion prayers.

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